12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with take and make ornament kits. Ornaments may be picked up at the ASK HERE desk or ask for one when you arrive for curbside pickup. Ornaments are designed for adult skill levels. Please limit 1 per adult. A new ornament kit is available on the following dates and while supplies last.

11/23~Layered Loops Ornament

11/25~Holiday Spinner Ornament

11/27~Music Wreath Ornament

11/30~Woven Snowflake Ornament

12/2~Christmas Bauble Ornament

12/4~Winter Kaleidocycle Ornament

12/7~Cut Paper Diamond Ornament

12/9~Holiday Balloon Ornament

12/11~Paper Pinwheel Ornament

12/14~Paper Star Ornament

12/16~Shooting Stars Ornament

12/18~Gingerbread House Ornament


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Adult Program
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