American History Resources

Museums & Other Historical Sights

  1. National Archives - Find historic documents, military records, photographs, and more.
  2. The Smithsonian National Museum of American History - The museum offers several online exhibitions including American Stories and The American Scene
  3. The Museum of Flight - Explore the Boeing Academy for STEM Learning at Home. Tour a dozen different aircrafts through virtual tours. 
  4. National Women’s History Museum - Think a woman running for President is a modern thing? Learn about the history of women running for President, explore women’s contributions to the Olympics, learn about the First Ladies, and more.
  5. American Battlefield Trust - Explore Antietam and the battlefields of Fredericksburg, Yorktown, and more.
  6. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - How did the U.S. respond to the holocaust and why? How did Jewish children survive in hiding? Did anyone help the people being persecuted by the Nazis? What was life like for holocaust survivors after they were freed? Check out this website to find out.
  7. National Museum of the United States Air Force - Learn about the history of the United States Air Force. Explore online exhibits about cyber operations, guided munitions, and aerospace propulsion.


African American History

  1. African American Heritage - Connect with a community of experts for genealogy and research projects.
  2. National Museum of African American History & Culture - This is the only museum in the U.S. focused exclusively on African American History and Culture. 
  3. The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) - Check out African American music and social justice news. Read museum notes, explore workshop recordings, and more.
  4. Amistad Research Center - Learn about African American history, civil rights, and social justice while exploring the extensive collection of original materials.


Native American History

  1. Museum of Native American History - Learn about Native American culture, explore the medicine garden, and read about the artifacts on display at the museum.
  2. Millicent Rogers Museum - Millicent Rogers was an artist who appreciated the unique artforms of the southwestern United States and that of the Native American People. 
  3. Heard Museum - The Heard Museum celebrates Native American art.  Explore current and past exhibits and view the American Indian Veterans National Memorial.
  4. Eiteljorg Museum - The Eiteljorg Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the artwork and stories of the Native American people. 
  5. National Museum of the American Indian - Part of the Smithsonian, this museum focuses on the history and culture of America’s native people. 


European American History

  1. American Irish Historical Society - Learn about Irish art, culture, and history at the American Irish Historical Society.
  2. German American Heritage Museum of the USA - The German American Heritage Museum of the USA is dedicated to preserving German American history and heritage. 
  3. The Hispanic Museum and Library - This museum is dedicated to preserving the history, art, and culture of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines.
  4. Asian Pacific American Center (part of the Smithsonian) - This “museum without walls” connects American history and culture with its Asian and Pacific Island influences.
  5. Museo Italo Americano - Focused on preserving Italian and Italian American art and culture, this museum explores the works of such artists as Elio Benvenuto and Beniamino Bufano.


State & Local Information

  1. Census QuickFacts - Census data about your state, county, town, or city at your fingertips.
  2. Ohio History Connection - Are you interested in Ohioans’ contributions to the space program? Do you want to know about African American History in Ohio? What about the arts in Ohio? This is the website for all of that and more.
  3. Ohio Memory Project - The Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio partnered on this project to bring Ohio history to life. On this site, you can read about the people and events that shaped life in Ohio and influenced events around the world.
  4. Allen County Museum - Explore local history.
  5. Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museum - Learn about Presidential campaigns and make your own campaign ribbon or go on a virtual scavenger hunt through the museum while you learn about President Rutherford B. Hayes and his family.