2016 Tax Forms

The library now has tax forms for 2016 available. In the lobby of the main library you'll find a bookshelf filled with the forms that we currently have available. The State of Ohio is not sending out printed forms this year, but we do have their instruction booklet available. Please note: the instruction booklets for IRS forms are not yet available, but we expect to receive them soon. Any form that you do not see on the bookshelf can be accessed at the IRS's website (you can also have forms sent to you by mail here), or at the Ohio Department of Taxation's website. In the library we will happily provide one copy of each form to you for free, just stop by the ASK HERE desk. Any additional copies of that form will be provided at a charge of $0.20 per page. 

Source URL: https://limalibrary.com/content/2016-tax-forms