Computer Classes & Tutoring

Computer Classes
We host free computer classes each week. Topics for each class rotate, you can find the topic information in our quarterly newsletter, or our Calendar of Events.

Tech Tutoring
If your schedule doesn’t allow you to come to our Thursday classes, or you want guaranteed one-on-one training, contact us to set up a Tech Tutoring appointment. You decide what you learn and we’ll work around your schedule. To get started: call 419-228-5113 ext. 1.

Also, check out these great resources online for yourself, or to share with friends.

Basic Computer Instruction

  • Jan’s Computer Basics - Offering information on the parts of the computer. Although she presents some older information this site offers a rundown of advantages and disadvantages to various computer parts such as types of mice or hard drives.
  • Free Computer Lessons for Seniors and Beginners - This site offers a variety of lessons for the beginner from how to perform particular tasks like taking a screenshot to full lessons on computer basics, the internet, using email, and more.
  • Learning to Navigate Your Computer: the essentials you’ll need to get started - Simple tutorials explaining everything from the parts of the computer to finding trustworthy websites.
  • Computer Science 101 from Stanford University - This online course is perfect for those wanting a more detailed description of how computers work. It presents basic terminology and parts of the computer as well as a basic introduction to what computer coding is, how the internet works, and security information.

Using the Mouse & Keyboard

  • Mousing Around - From the Palm Beach County Library System, this site explains the parts of the mouse and how to use it.
  • Mousercise! - From the Palm Beach County Library system, this site has a series of pages that will build your mouse skills through a variety of exercises that involve clicking on links.
  • Games! - From Palm Beach Public Library this site has simple computer games that will reinforce your clicking skills.
  • Touch Typing Study - Teaches typing through 15 lessons along with various skills tests, games, and hints to help you practice typing.
  • - Teaches typing by introducing a few keys at each lesson. Has activities and practice stories to better your skills.

Basic Internet Instruction

  • Using the Internet Step By Step Guide - This printable document is perfect for those that would rather read from a printout than learn by navigating a website. Provides a brief explanation of basics such as entering a web address to accessing your favorites/bookmarks.
  • First Click - This pamphlet provided by the BBC will explain various internet topics such as signing up for email and social media accounts and explains commonly heard internet vocabulary.
  • Basic Internet Skills - This pamphlet from explains basics such as links, using browsers, the parts of a web address, and searching.
  • Email Basics - This series of tutorials covers common email features such as composing emails and adding contacts to safety and proper workplace etiquette.
  • Help for Web Beginners: New to Internet Surfing? - This site provides explanations for various questions you may have while using the internet from how to save a bookmark or favorite to changing the size of the font or print on the screen.

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Digital Skills Center - Offers training on Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. You will need to create a free TechSoup account to access these free classes.
  • Goodwill Community Foundation - Training videos and downloadable workbooks for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, & Outlook including archived copies for a variety of versions of Office.

Other Software and Technology

  • SKILLSHARE - Offers Classes in Using Other Software, Computer Programming Languages, & etc.

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