New SelectReads Service

 SelectReads is a book lover's dream! Have trouble deciding what to read next? SelectReads can help!  SelectReads allows you to pick categories of books you enjoy (like cookbooks, history or fiction) and receive a monthly e-mail where 10 titles in our collection are suggested to you. You can link to our catalog directly from your e-mail to place the items you want on hold. Or, investigate the title further by connecting to GoodReads reviews from other readers.

Similarly, the New Book Alerts feature of SelectReads lets you pick categories of books that you're interested in and then sends you a monthly e-mail of all the titles the Lima Public Library has added to our collection in those categories over the last 30 days.

Do you have a favorite author? Don’t have time to keep track of when their new titles are being released? Author Check (a SelectReads service) does this for you. Sign up once and receive an e-mail whenever a new title by your favorite author is added to our collection. Finding your new favorite book has never been so easy!


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