Great Backyard Bird Bird Count February 16-19

Counting birds?  If you've never done it before, you're missing out on a good time.  For the past 20 years, the Tri-Moraine Audubon Society has participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count, which takes place this year on February 16-19.  It's easy to join in: just go to www.birdcount.org and key in your zip code.  A whole checklist of birds will appear and you'll be on your way to identifying and counting.  Bonus:  all ages enjoy this activity. 

Elida Branch Library Closing on November 21, 2017

Our Elida branch library, located at 200 W. Main Street, will close on Tuesday, November 21.  Library books and other materials will be packed up and moved to the main library in Lima, where they will be stored until the new branch building is renovated and ready for occupancy.   

If you have the opportunity, check out the site for our new Elida branch library -- it will be located at 500 E.iracofe Ave., in Elida, directly across from the new Elida Township building. 

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