Tax Season

Find information about getting online tax forms and filing assistance programs here.

Federal Forms & Instructions:

Lima Public Library will receive a limited number of IRS forms and instruction booklets. These usually arrive in late January. PLEASE NOTE: Forms 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 have been combined into one document this year. Form 1040 has additional schedules if you need to include them.

Form 1040 — U.S. Individual Income Tax Return 

Happy Holi-daze with Lori Borgman

Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Lori Borgman will share her humorous take on the holidays with her program Happy Holi-daze, on Tuesday, November 13, in the library's Memorial Book Room.  This is a free program and reservations are not required.    




Available Now: Lynda.com

 Lynda.com, a digital learning resource owned by LinkedIn is now available to every Ohio Library card holder. Lynda.com can help you: build a website, take up photography, learn to use computer programs and so much more! This service is made possible by the State Library and OhioNET.

Audio & Book Drops Behind Main Library Are Closing

We are closing the Book Drop and Audio Drop behind the main library.  The drops are in disrepair -- rusting from the bottom up -- and we have lost confidence in their ability to safeguard our materials.  Signs are on both drops, advising that they will be closed effective September 1.  The book/media drops in front of the arch (using the Market Street entrance to the parking lot) will continue to be available.  


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